On Monday April 2nd, our Brampton Office hosted the 2018 Canada Sales Meeting. Welcoming our teams from Parts, Service and Sales across 10 branches throughout Canada. With representation from Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Atlantic Canada and Ontario - Each office was required to; research, learn and prepare a presentation on their given piece of new equipment or topic and share that with the team.
(Quebec: HG6800TX, Ontario: CTX100, S925TX, SPX25, Alberta and Saskatchewan: D8x12, D10x15, JT10, TT4X, Manitoba: Gas Equipment)
The team also made a trip to our Barrie Office, where they were given the chance to train and learn more about the equipment, gain some hands-on knowledge of what the equipment is capable of and take notes from our Vermeer Corporate representatives and vendors who showed their support during the Canada Sales Meeting.
We believe that through education, learning and always seeking continuous improvement, we can become the ultimate resource of solution for our customers.
From your Vermeer Canada Family, we’d like to thank everyone for making such a huge difference in your communities.

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